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Winter Camp '00
(Feb. 11-13)

magic_wc00.jpg (26677 bytes) In the first three pictures, we see some of the scouts just loafing around.  After a hard day's work on Friday, everyone wanted a rest.  Here we see the Troop playing a really competitive game of Uno, or a game of Magic.
magiconbed_wc00.jpg (44170 bytes)
davedaveuno_wc00.jpg (35105 bytes)
billcompasscourse_wc00.jpg (11910 bytes) Throughout the day on Saturday, we had many activities to keep us busy.  Now we see a scout setting up one of the two compass courses for the day.  On Saturday, we also had a scavenger hunt, and after the hunt, we had time to roam around Camp Decorah.  Later that night, we enjoyed a game of capture the flag, also.
capgunwar_wc00.jpg (59988 bytes) During the day on Saturday, we were able to have some free time.  Here, everyone is taking a break from the scavenger hunt taking up some time playing around with some capguns.
t88hangingaround_wc00.jpg (44827 bytes) A picture of some of the Troop standing around
jacktaped_wc00.jpg (33526 bytes) <----This is what Winter Camp is about....every winter, Troop 88 has a fun campout (which is Winter Camp of course), and we are allowed to bring up a roll of duct tape to tape people up with.  This year, unfortunately, Jack was the only one to get taped up.
crackkills_wc00.jpg (36790 bytes) Travis showing off his better side during one of the many skits we did.
song_wc00.jpg (59238 bytes) Another one of the skits we did that night.
songbackwards_wc00.jpg (53864 bytes)
peanuts1_wc00.jpg (35582 bytes) Our famous 'peanuts' skit.
peanuts02_wc00.jpg (52683 bytes)
peanuts2_wc00.jpg (45053 bytes) The after effect of our 'peanuts' skit.