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(June 24-29)

Well, this year our week long pilgrimage to Camp Decorah was sure an adventure.

To begin with, this whole year at camp was in the honor of Sam Hagerman.  This would have been his 50th year at Camp Decorah.  He passed away early this year.  According to Sam, "If it isn't fun, it isn't Scouting."  This whole year at camp is being dedicated to Sam.  Also, Camp Decorah's High Adventure director was tragically killed early this year in a rock climbing accident.  At Camp Decorah, they have dedicated a campsite in honor of him.  That would be the Max Winter Outpost.  At the Max Winter Outpost, you travel back in time to the 1840's where you can see what early settlement life was like.  There is a 22 foot tall tee-pee, and a tomahawk throwing area.

In the next pictures there will be a description of each individual one, digging a little deeper into our week at camp.

Bill - guitar.JPG (43552 bytes) Here, our Assistant Scoutmaster is mellowing out playing his guitar.  This year at camp was sure a learning experience for the older scouts, because out Scoutmaster was unable to attend the whole week at summer camp.  Leaving our new assistant scoutmaster and the SPL in control.
Bill - guitar2.JPG (32971 bytes)
Flag Pole.JPG (60417 bytes) These here are pictures of our campsite that we were stating in this year.  This year we stayed in North Chippewa, and shared it with the Necedah Troop who were staying in South Chippewa.
Our Camp - N Chippewa.JPG (56327 bytes)
Lowering of the flag.JPG (54488 bytes) Here is one of the flag ceremonies that the troop had at their campsite.  And yes, I know that it isn't all that snazzy, and that we don't have four scouts participating in it, but by Friday, our troop only had four scouts left up at camp, and the other two were already down at the mess hall on KP. 
Folding of the flag.JPG (46687 bytes)
Our Catapolt.JPG (58006 bytes)  
Almost Finished.jpg (50447 bytes)  
Anger Management - Mike.JPG (60289 bytes)  
Working on Catapolt.JPG (50449 bytes)  
Camp Improvement - Table.JPG (52529 bytes)  
kyle axe.JPG (57512 bytes)  
Tom Axe.JPG (71594 bytes)  
bill - axe - hold.JPG (66980 bytes)  
Our Dinner.JPG (48359 bytes)  
Scoutcraft.JPG (61458 bytes)  
Rifle Range.JPG (49276 bytes)  
Alex - hammock.jpg (34667 bytes)  
Killer Frank.JPG (55505 bytes)  
Jeff Nelson.JPG (18776 bytes)  
Kitchen Fun.JPG (24979 bytes)  
Alex - Soil and Water.JPG (37365 bytes)  
Soil and Water - Flood.JPG (64559 bytes)  
polar bear.gif (55497 bytes)  
Flag Ceremony.JPG (44733 bytes)  
Flag Ceremony - Pt 2.JPG (45851 bytes)