First Aid Quiz

Here is a quick quiz to see how much first aid knowledge you have. Good luck!

Directions: Pick the one correct answer.

1. The most effective first aid method of protecting an unconscious person's airway is to put the person in:

2. Before actually performing CPR, you should:

3. CPR, once started, should continue until:

4. Anyone who was knocked unconscious by a head injury should:

5. There are three types of slings; the arm sling, the collar-and-cuff sling and the:

6. The Collar-and-Cuff sling is used for:

7. How many bones are in the human body?

8. Broken bones are difficult to treat because _________ may be affected as well.

9. Signs of shock include:

10. Fractured limbs can be treated by:

11. You have been hiking all day and you are beginning to feel very tired, dizzy, a little confused and very thirsty. You are:

12. To treat mild dehydration you should:

13. While at day camp, some Cub Scouts find a beehive and poke it with a stick. One boy gets stung. You should:

14. First degree burns look _________ and cause ________.

15. Which of the following is not a requirement for the First Aid Merit Badge?

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