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Bill's Eagle


Recently one of our Life Scouts here at Troop 88, finished his Eagle Scout Project.  As you can se the pictures on the left (click to enlarge), that it was a little cold and a bit muddy during this whole procedure.  Well, Bill completed his Eagle Project, and is now one of Troop 88's Eagle Scout members -- recently joined by Ryan who received his a few weeks earlier.

As you can see in the pictures, there are a few dedicated scouts who showed up to help Bill, but when everything was all said and done, the finished product was great.


As you can see below, it really was a mess that we had to work in.

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workin_hard.jpg (48511 bytes) Here are some of the final stages of the sign in progress.


Now a little background about what was done for the Bill's Eagle Scout Project.  Bill decided to make a park near the newly completed Veterans Memorial that had recently been built in Elroy.  The sign was made by the sign company here in Elroy, and Bill set it up as his project.



<-- Here is the finished project.

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